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Dear members of the EBC,

On recommendation by the EBC President Dr. A. B. Miller we would like to inform you on the latest developments in the strategy of the European Business Congress.

At the 17th AGM 2014 in Athens, the President announced the preparedness of the EBC to open its doors for the companies, organizations and financial institutions from other regions including Asia-Pacific, in addition to the OSCE area.

In order to achieve a broader international expansion, the EBC Board of Executive Directors authorised legal experts to introduce the necessary adjustments and modifications in the EBC charter. Simultaneously, with the support of marketing specialists, the EBC Board prepared the procedure of acquisition of a new name and logo for our organization.

This being subject to approval by the German legal and tax authorities, we would like to present to you

  • The draft concept of renaming  in English and
  • The draft new charter in English, Russian and German.

    • According to German law, the amendments in question have to be agreed by a 75 % majority of all EBC members in the course of the upcoming Annual General Meeting to be held in Belgrade, Serbia, on 28 May 2015.

      In case you have further queries, do not hesitate to contact the EBC Secretariat or members of the EBC Board of Executive Directors.

      We would appreciate your support.

      Dr. N. Doniy

      Executive Secretary