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EBC | 340_Information and Communication

Working Group: Information and Communication

The work of the INFOC Committee is dedicated to the challenges of the modern world and the role of information and communication in it. It represents an important operations platform of more than 30 largest global companies in the field of information technology that are seeking solutions and new opportunities for implementing modern technologies in the field of:

  • Telecommunication services
  • Technological process automation

The Committee wants to connect economic operators and the OSCE Member States and is thus offering its participants and invited guests possibilities to exchange views and information in order to increase economic cooperation, implement innovative solutions into companies and consequent growth of population's welfare.

The Committee is especially focusing on implementation of solutions in the wider social sphere. Thus in 2013, we launched the project called "Parental School System". The primary goal of the project is the implementation of the school system that will improve the level of pupil's and teacher's safety and enable modern information and communication services between parents, pupils and the school, thereby increasing satisfaction of parents and the level of educational services.

Meetings of the INFOC Committee are being held about twice a year with ad hoc sessions if and when required. EBC members and other interested parties are welcomed to the meetings of the Working Committee Information and Communication.

For further information and/or details please contact the EBC-Secretariat or the Committee Chairman, Mr. Aljosa Ivancic.



Working Committee Meeting Information and Communication | Autumn 2015 | TBA



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Aljoša Ivančič

Mr. Aljoša Ivančič

Chairman Working Group Information and Communication

President, Wandon Establishment

Wandon Establishment | Äulestrasse 5 | 9490 Vaduz | Lichtenstein