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EBC | 370_Human Resources, Education and Sciences

Working Group: Human Resources, Education and Sciences

The Working Committee "Human Resources, Education and Science" was set up on decision by the 16th orderly EBC Presiding Committee Meeting held on June 14th, 2007, in Berlin, in the frame of the 10th Jubilee Annual General Meeting of the EBC European Business Congress e.V. Its main aim is to contribute to the evolvement of a new generation of managers capable of facing the challenges of the complex energy world of today. The Working Committee meets in general twice a year, mostly in Germany and Russia.

This committee has been guided by the principles of strengthening international co-operation on equal rights.

In its activities the Committee focuses on challenges of modern energy industry in connection with the global demographic shift and the transformation processes in the education system.

In 2008 the Committee launched the joint social project "Fellowship on Energy" Program, a special tailor-made training course for the young managers from the EBC member-companies. The committee is carrying out its activities in close co-operation with its partners, a special international education structure, the Energy Delta Institute (EDI) in Groningen, the Netherlands, and the European School of Management and Technology in Berlin.

The pilot issue of 2009 and the issue of 2010 received a very positive feedback from the participants. More detailed description of the Program could be found in "PUBLICATIONS".

    In addition to FEP the Working Group conducts meetings on specific topics. The current list of topics includes:
  1. Staffing of joint implementation projects (recruitment, education and training, distribution of responsibilities, remuneration systems)
  2. Impact of demographic aspects on personnel policy (growing competition on the labor market, promoting the image of an employer of choice)
  3. Education and adaptation within the two-level education system (Bachelor - Master)
  4. Creation of educational and professional standards. Harmonization of skills provided within state educational standards and employers' requirements
  5. Corporate traditions as a means of staff structuring. Corporate traditions as an instrument of transition of corporate know how.
  6. New training technologies and techniques.
  7. (Together with working group HSE) Environmental safety: staff training standards in the area of environmental safety

We invite all the interested experts of the EBC member-companies to take part in the Committee activities.
Please contact for any further information:

Mrs. Irina Injevatova

PJSC Gazprom
Phone +7 495 719 2137 |  E-Mail



Working Committee Meeting Human Rescurces, Education and Sciences | Autumn 2015 | TBA



Mrs. Elena B. Kasyan

Mrs. Elena Kasyan

Chairlady Working Group Human Rescurces, Education and Sciences

Head of the Personnel Management Department | PJSC Gazprom

PJSC Gazprom | 16 Nametkina St. | 117997 Moscow | Russia
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